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The Weight of Binary Numbers, 2019

The Weight of Binary Numbers, 2019

As a scientist I have always been fascinated by the power of evolution to create beauty. Nature's capacity for artful design never ceases to amaze, and it has driven my own research interests in evolutionary computing - mimicking the process of evolution through which highly optimized solutions can ultimately emerge. My art is an ongoing exploration of beauty in form and structure and in the interacting patterns of dynamical systems.  I'm interested in beetles, supernovae, forests and flowers, chess players and musicians.  Art, in fact, is ubiquitous. Why some artistic creations work and others fail is a mystery.  But as with evolution, when you combine trial and error and a dash of contingency, something striking, original, interesting, and appealing is occasionally the happy result. 

I am a Computer Scientist with a background in healthcare and bioinformatics and the co-founder of Diatom LLC.  I am also an Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University here in Boston where I teach courses in database design, relational and non-relational database systems, and discrete mathematics. My background includes research in Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), evolutionary computing, multi-agent systems, machine learning / data-mining, decision-support systems, and optimization.  My doctoral work was specifically  concerned with the application of graph theory to practical problems in bioinformatics and experimental assay design. 

For questions, comments, or inquiries, please contact me at the email address below. Most of my work is for sale if I haven't already given them away to family and friends! All paintings for sale are original works by me, signed, delivered unframed, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  


John Rachlin, PhD